Name: Fight Night Champion

Rating: 7.4

Overview: Fight Night Champion is the latest in EA's fighting games. The line of Boxing games has proven very popular in recent years and along with other fifa games lead the way in graphical design.

Review: The game is very good. But it has a lot of old features which EA have seamed to of left. For example the blood on the face looks stupid. It is not realsitic nor any good. But then in other places such as on the shorts it looks very good. The game also allows cheating such as a low blow and head butt. If they are trying to get rid of it in the ring do not put it in games. However the bas points end there. The overall graphics are simply amazing. The crowds cheering to the lighting has been planned to perfection. The game is a must have for all boxing fans and with the return of online play i cannot see this game slipping in any way. The fighting is also very good. It mirrors real life extremely well and picks up on where Fight night round 4 lacked. It also has a lot more backing now with over 50 wrestlers from Mohammed Ali to Manny Pacquiao. The fighters show a lot of resmbleance to the actual fighters. EA have spent a lot of time on them as the sweat is dripping off them and blood hits the floor. This was also in previous games but has been significantly improved. However i wanted to knock the ref out as he accused me of cheating... Although I was. I took a quick look online and there was not any lagg but I can see this happening in the future. My opponant dominated me for a lot of the match but seeing as i don't play boxing games that much it was quite obvious.
By Paul Tibble